The Midday Food Dilemma

We do have a cafeteria downstairs which has “ok” food for breakfast and lunch. But it’s ok only, not great. As all cafeterias they use fat to make stuff taste better. The salads taste kind of bland as well and so I avoid going down there for lunch especially since we usually cook dinner at home. Homecooked food wins every time.

So normally I have breakfast at home. We mostly take our time to breakfast. It is an important meal. Except sometimes like today when I sleep in (on purpose *g*) I skip it and have a slice of bread on the go and tea at work.

The question is what happens between breakfast and dinner. I am at work. I sit all day at the computer … some weeks I am good an plan ahead to bring stuff to eat during lunchtime. But most often I just sit there, not quite hungry but weak and tired somehow. This I try to avoid. When I did not bring any food from home I have 4 options:

  • eat cafeteria lunch (between 11:30 and 13:30), opt for either salad or one of the warm meals
  • get some of the free fresh fruit from the cafeteria
  • get some sandwich or pastry from the cafeteria
  • get sweets from the vending machine

Everything but the sweets has only little left after midday and it’s mostly early afternoon when I get the feeling “oh you should eat something”. I am not a big fan of fresh fruit. I hate bananas especially, I know they would be a great choice. Sandwiches or pastries aren’t health-food either and I think one cooked meal a day is enough and I usually choose to have that at home. Way too often I opt for a sandwich or a bar of chocolate. I try to avoid the necessity for that and so I am thinking of stuff I can bring from home.

Here’s a short list of stuff I sometimes bring with me to avoid my brain going into low battery mode:

  • yoghurt, plain or vanilla
  • store-bought smoothies
  • mixed nuts, preferably not salted
  • salad (rarely)
  • carrots and red peppers with curd cheese dip
  • dinner leftovers (rarely)

So that’s a short list actually. But none of these take a lot of time to prepare. I just need to remember to buy them when I go grocery shopping.

So what do you do for lunch? Any stuff I can add to my list?

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories


  1. At times I think I go too long without food, and tried a lot of stuff (from yoghurt to raw carrots to chocolate sticks). But when I’ve got snacks around, I’ll usually go and eat them out of boredom. Now I only snack if the urge is strong enough to actually make me walk the ten minutes to the supermarket for a yoghurt or so. But I don’t stockpile any more

    Otherwise, I’d go for fresh fruit (they’ve got readymade fruit salads here, fork included 😉 or nuts and chocolates (if you can manage to eat just a bit and have the rest lying around 😉

    Or salad and vegetables if you don’t want nutritional value but just something to chew on.

    And what about fresh bread? Gives a lot of energy and can be really tasty… we’ve got flat “Schiacciata” here (it’s like focaccia…), which is really great. Partially because it’s bathed in olive oil, but still, I like it. I sometimes go for a day on a piece of that, until dinner.

  2. I know about the “eating out of boredom” … except i don’t even like yoghurt enough to eat it out of boredom. I only eat it when I feel I need the energy.

    There’s not really a supermarket close by. So I have to decide in the morning what to do. But yes ready-made fruit salads are nice.

    Chocolate is bad. If it is there I eat it until it is gone. Except for dark chocolate. I am trying to go back to have only dark chocolate. Because I eat that much more slowly.

    Bakeries here are … not the same as in Italy. Obviously 😉

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