The Midday Food Dilemma

We do have a cafeteria downstairs which has “ok” food for breakfast and lunch. But it’s ok only, not great. As all cafeterias they use fat to make stuff taste better. The salads taste kind of bland as well and so I avoid going down there for lunch especially since we usually cook dinner at home. Homecooked food wins every time.

So normally I have breakfast at home. We mostly take our time to breakfast. It is an important meal. Except sometimes like today when I sleep in (on purpose *g*) I skip it and have a slice of bread on the go and tea at work.

The question is what happens between breakfast and dinner. I am at work. I sit all day at the computer … some weeks I am good an plan ahead to bring stuff to eat during lunchtime. But most often I just sit there, not quite hungry but weak and tired somehow. This I try to avoid. When I did not bring any food from home I have 4 options:

  • eat cafeteria lunch (between 11:30 and 13:30), opt for either salad or one of the warm meals
  • get some of the free fresh fruit from the cafeteria
  • get some sandwich or pastry from the cafeteria
  • get sweets from the vending machine

Everything but the sweets has only little left after midday and it’s mostly early afternoon when I get the feeling “oh you should eat something”. I am not a big fan of fresh fruit. I hate bananas especially, I know they would be a great choice. Sandwiches or pastries aren’t health-food either and I think one cooked meal a day is enough and I usually choose to have that at home. Way too often I opt for a sandwich or a bar of chocolate. I try to avoid the necessity for that and so I am thinking of stuff I can bring from home.

Here’s a short list of stuff I sometimes bring with me to avoid my brain going into low battery mode:

  • yoghurt, plain or vanilla
  • store-bought smoothies
  • mixed nuts, preferably not salted
  • salad (rarely)
  • carrots and red peppers with curd cheese dip
  • dinner leftovers (rarely)

So that’s a short list actually. But none of these take a lot of time to prepare. I just need to remember to buy them when I go grocery shopping.

So what do you do for lunch? Any stuff I can add to my list?

Spice shopping

We bought some interesting spices in NYC and today I discovered that the vendor also has a webshop. So if I don’t find a good store that sells similar stuff locally I could buy a new bunch of Chipotle’s and Dundicuts online. Both types of dried chili peppers are very good.

100 things to eat

A list of more or less 100 random things one should have tried.

Those I tried are in bold. I thought I would have tried less. Because I am such a picky eater. There are a lot of things in the list I would never try I guess. But there are some inspirations in it as well:

Venison, Nettle tea, Huevos rancheros, Steak tartare, CrocodileBlack pudding, Cheese fondue. Carp, Borscht, Baba ghanoush, Calamari, Pho, PB&J sandwich, Aloo gobi, Hot dog from a street cart,  Epoisses, Black truffle, Fruit wine made from something other than grapes , Steamed pork buns, Pistachio ice cream, Heirloom tomatoes, Fresh wild berries, Foie gras, Rice and beans, Brawn, or head cheese, Raw Scotch Bonnet pepper (a tiny piece at least), Dulce de leche, Oysters, Baklava,
30. Bagna cauda, Wasabi peas, Clam chowder in a sourdough bowl, Salted lassiSauerkraut, Root beer float, Cognac with a fat cigar, Clotted cream tea, Vodka jelly/Jell-O, Gumbo, Oxtail, Curried goat, Whole insects, Phaal, Goat’s milk, Malt whisky from a bottle worth £60/$120 or more, FuguChicken tikka masala, Eel, Krispy Kreme original glazed doughnut, Sea urchin, Prickly pear, UmeboshiAbalone, Paneer, McDonald’s Big Mac Meal, Spaetzle, Dirty gin martini, Beer above 8% ABV,  Poutine, Carob chips, S’moresSweetbreads, Kaolin, Currywurst, Durian, Frogs’ legsBeignets, churros, elephant ears or funnel cake, Haggis, Fried plantain, Chitterlings, or andouillette, Gazpacho, Caviar and blini, Louche absinthe, Gjetost, or brunost, Roadkill, Baijiu,  Hostess Fruit Pie, Snail, Lapsang souchong, Bellini, Tom yum, Eggs Benedict, Pocky, Tasting menu at a three-Michelin-star restaurant, Kobe beef, Hare, Goulash, Flowers, Horse, Criollo chocolate, Spam, Soft shell crab, Rose harissa, Catfish, Mole poblano, Bagel and lox, Lobster ThermidorPolentaJamaican Blue Mountain coffee, Snake.

I think next on my list is Criollo Chocolate. Sounds best of the remaining stuff. Though I can probably try and get some of the Indian food on my trip there in October.

posting without getting up

This is a test post from my new internet tablt from nokia which is so much fun to play with that i got to bed a bit later than usual last night. I have already installed lots of software including this blogging client.

Not as trivial as i thought. Plus wifi is not so good in the bedroom somehow.

Or maybe the server is just so slow this morning.

actually i am now posting this via the web from breakfast because the rpc client did not work. smtp still does not work either