Can’t test this?

After a most unproductive chase after a stupid programming error  – tab completion for imports in groovy/eclipse is just not good because eclipse won’t tell you afterward that you accidentally imported another class that now changes the type of your parameter and you can spend hours trying to find that one … “MethodMissingError” thank you very much! – … I finally gave in and quit.

So instead of chasing the bug by testing on the server as we used to do, I made mock objects and even modified the framework’s code. Now we can finally test the code outside of the framework 🙂 It was much easier than I thought. Yay. I even got to program some code!

We had been of the opinion there was no other way to test the code. Well, we were wrong: our need to have easier testing options was just not so great obviously and testing within the framework did not hurt enough, yet.

So I just made testing so much easier and it was even fun to do so after I decided to go through with this.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories