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What to do in NYC?

We have booked our flights, found a hotel and now I am looking for things to do in NYC. We’ll have 5 full days in New York before continuing to Detroit for a friend’s wedding.

So what are the most important things to do in NYC? I need some ideas and I don’t have a travel guide (yet).

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What I did (and liked to do)
* Going to a students pub in Soho
* Walking down Manhatten from battery park towards central park
* Guggenheim Museum (unfortunately in renovation when I was there)

What I did not do (and would try next time)
* Stroll central park
* Liberty island

Hmm… not really an expert on the city, but here’s some suggestions. (In addition to those by uli)

* The Lonely Planet Guide has some nice suggestions for walks in the city (we did Lower East Side, Chinatown and Little Italy…)
* Central Park (we actually got a boat on the Lake – very relaxing 😉
* Take the Staten Island Ferry; this gets you a free seaside view of the Statue and all…
* We didn’t go to the Metropolitan Museum, nor the Museum of Natural History, but they’re both world-famous.
* Times Square, just to have a look
* To get around, prefer the bus instead of the subway. It’s slower but you get free sightseeing
* Shopping 😉 (avoid Times Square on this, though…)
* Going out… we actually went to one of those roof-top bars which was quite good. Drinks were up to $20 apiece, though.

Have Fun!

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