To eat or not to eat – the couch

I found this funny quiz page (I recognized 11 out of 12 snippets of code and could name the correct programming language) and took a quiz:

How Long Could You Survive Trapped In Your Own Home?

I wonder if on the assumed 30kg of food we might have in the house which is a rough and probably incorrect estimate, we could really survive that long.

They ask if you have pets and count them as additional food source and they seem to assume that I will eat my leather jacket and the couch as well. I wonder if when they asked how many people lived in the home they meant everyone besides me to be an additional food source as well …

It’s late and I just watched the movie “Marie Antoinette”.

Update: they also have this nice test. So yes I kind of tend to think now that the survival test assumed that only the person who took the test would survive that long oO (I scored 11 on that last test). The most fun test though is the one I found the page through: the caffeine test. (I scored 148 = Very High – Productive Worker, Jittery)