Nachdem ich heute mein M’era Luna T-shirt anhabe und wir schon länger über Karlsruher Diskos, DJ Mozart und schwarzgekleidete Leute geredet haben, habe ich soeben nochmal den alten Bericht über das M’era Luna 2004 gelesen. Ein wirklich denkwürdiges Festival und der Bericht hat ein Zweit Lesen durchaus verdient. Dieses Jahr wirds wohl nix mit Festivals… Continue reading Rückblicke

Is it friday?

This is what happens when somebody accidentally adds the complete company to some mailinglist and writes a “Test” mail to that list. All in all it was about 60+ mails that everybody received until the wave of office spam was stopped. Of course it took a technical intervention to achieve this, once the trolls are… Continue reading Is it friday?


I am wearing my I’m blogging this T-Shirt. Together with my camera a good motivation for colleagues to try and not hit me while playing “soccer” in the office.

What to do in NYC?

We have booked our flights, found a hotel and now I am looking for things to do in NYC. We’ll have 5 full days in New York before continuing to Detroit for a friend’s wedding. So what are the most important things to do in NYC? I need some ideas and I don’t have a… Continue reading What to do in NYC?