Producivity Tools Recap

You may remember the longish article I wrote about online todo list tools or you may not. Anyway it has been some time and I can now post a conclusion to this.

At first I really tried hard to work with Remember the Milk, I really wanted to like it. It ended hab having too many features.

Right now I am very actively using todoist. It is simple, has a clean layout and doesn’t have any unnecessary features.

At work one of the first things I do after reading my mail and cooking tea, is opening the todoist page and reviewing my tasks for the day. All my tasks have dates associated except those in the “Later” category. These dates serve as a reminder. If I didn’t get something done on a specific day, I re-schedule the task for another day during my morning review. I use projects to map the gtd categories and I use tags to differentiate between tasks for different projects, between work and private stuff.

In meetings I write down everything that sounds vaguely like a task. After each meeting I transfer the tasks to todoist.

I have to admit though I only got back to using todoist after a break of 4 or 5 months. But it was easy to get back into it and right now it is immensely helpful in helping me remember all the little and big things I need to do.

And now we are going to a barbecue party 🙂



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