Imaginery Friends

I just found Friend Feed today and – since I cannot pass by new web gimmicks – I had to try it and now have made a lot of imaginery friends.

Those are friends that do not have their own account on the service (yay another ‘social’ website). Instead of subscribing to their account you can create the “friend” as imaginery and then add the rss feeds of theirs that you know. I like this feature because it is not necessary for others to use the service to make it useful to me – unlike a lot of other social websites.

Anyway I added a few feeds for people I know and found out I get reddit comments in my list. (Yes, I know someone who is not only posting links there but also commenting … I am not commenting on that 😛 ).

We then got into a discussion how big brother like it was of me to be able to be notified of his comments. It all ended with one final quote – out of context:

“I have three monkeys who write those comments for me. “

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories