Jboss Interoperability


My todolist is rather short. However it could not be longer.

I’ve been on this problem for days, so have several colleagues.

If anybody knows what is necessary to make a 4.0.2. jboss do successful rmi with a 4.2.0 jboss.

We keep getting a

ClassNotFoundException: org.jboss.ejb3.stateless.StatelessRemoteProxy

on doing the jndi lookup of our beautiful @RemoteHome interface. We’re of course missing the ejb3 client classes in the old jboss.

The wiki only states that we need to use the “legacy rmi invokers” to make the rmi work. But nobody ever explains anywhere how I make my application use those funky rmi invokers. It is probably so trivial, nobody could imagine, I would not know how to do it. Time and again we find people posting about a problem similar to ours and the thread ends with “oh it works now that I am using the legacy rmi invokers”. Thanks so much.

Update: for now it works in a weird way. We now have a proxy application. Basically the new structure now has three applications:

  • (A) the legacy app: a 2.x application deployed on a 4.0.2 server
  • (B) the proxy: a 2.x style application (no ejb3 annotations) deployed on a 4.2.0 server
  • (C) the new app: an ejb 3 application deployed on a 4.2.0 server

The calls now go like this (A) => (B) => (C). Why does it work? The proxy has no annotations typical for ejb3 whatsoever.  Therefore the ejb3 deployer ignores it and the “normal” deployer is triggered instead which leads to the ProxyFactory producing downward compatible rmi objects. The ejb3 proxy objects that are returned by (C) are in this way eliminated by routing calls from (A) through (B). This is not the most elegant solution and we’re still hoping to find something better. In the long run the server on which (A) runs will have to be upgraded anway which would also be a solution.

It also turned out that we indeed had managed to configure the application to use the legacy rmi invokers by deploying a deployment descriptor for our bean which referenced those invokers. We had just not managed to get to the point where this was relevant before. I’ll post the deployment descriptor tomorrow.

Garden Plant Documentation Project

MärchenroseTo the left is our second rose. The first was hidden among the l leaves and it was impossible to take a picture of it.

I have a new photo and garden project.

I want to take pictures of all plants in our garden and write down what they are and maybe some more. Today i started out with a few [[herbs]] which you can look at in my new garden category in the freshly updated wiki.

For the herbs I plan on writing down what they are good for – mostly cooking of course. For example thyme is good for any recipe 😉 and rosemary for potatoes.

But it is not all cooking: today I got a lemon verbena at the garden center and this is good for teas or making window cleaner.

My one and only favorite book on garden herbs is still the one by Jekka McVicar I got for my birthday: The New Book of Herbs.

Tomorrow I’ll plant the remaining loot from the garden center …

Producivity Tools Recap

You may remember the longish article I wrote about online todo list tools or you may not. Anyway it has been some time and I can now post a conclusion to this.

At first I really tried hard to work with Remember the Milk, I really wanted to like it. It ended hab having too many features.

Right now I am very actively using todoist. It is simple, has a clean layout and doesn’t have any unnecessary features.

At work one of the first things I do after reading my mail and cooking tea, is opening the todoist page and reviewing my tasks for the day. All my tasks have dates associated except those in the “Later” category. These dates serve as a reminder. If I didn’t get something done on a specific day, I re-schedule the task for another day during my morning review. I use projects to map the gtd categories and I use tags to differentiate between tasks for different projects, between work and private stuff.

In meetings I write down everything that sounds vaguely like a task. After each meeting I transfer the tasks to todoist.

I have to admit though I only got back to using todoist after a break of 4 or 5 months. But it was easy to get back into it and right now it is immensely helpful in helping me remember all the little and big things I need to do.

And now we are going to a barbecue party 🙂

Our garden


I have already spent a lot of time in our little garden. It is really small with about 60m² and less if you substract the terrace. Still I have managed to plant a lot of plants.

If all goes well we’ll not only have a lot of fresh herbs and a few beautiful flowers but tomatoes, zucchini, a few peppers, shallots, garlic and pumpkins. If it goes even better we’ll have some fruit besides the veggies: strawberries, apples and red currants. Everything is very experimental but it would be so cool to have a small harvest of homegrown veggies and fruit.

Homemade Ice Cream

Maple Walnut Ice Cream & Dulce de Leche I have started making ice cream more often. It is still not as  scoopable as commercial stuff but I know what’s in it and that makes it taste so much better. I can make flavors that I want …

This one was my first try. Maple Walnut. With walnuts from my parents’ garden.


Habe ich erwähnt, dass Arbeiten unter vielen Umständen wesentlich mehr Aggressionen hervorruft als die sogenannten Killerspiele?

“Jetzt erschiess ich denen was. Ihre Leichen können sie selber aufräumen. Die sind doch selber schuld.”

Zugegeben, dass “erschiess” hab ich einfach falsch gehört. Es ging ums “zerschiessen” was doch ein Unterschied ist.

Würden wir im Büro eine Kasse aufstellen, in die einzahlen muss, wer lautstark flucht und schimpft, wir könnten uns dafür soviel Bier kaufen, die leeren Flaschen würden aufeinandergestellt bis zum Mond reichen.

Imaginery Friends

I just found Friend Feed today and – since I cannot pass by new web gimmicks – I had to try it and now have made a lot of imaginery friends.

Those are friends that do not have their own account on the service (yay another ‘social’ website). Instead of subscribing to their account you can create the “friend” as imaginery and then add the rss feeds of theirs that you know. I like this feature because it is not necessary for others to use the service to make it useful to me – unlike a lot of other social websites.

Anyway I added a few feeds for people I know and found out I get reddit comments in my list. (Yes, I know someone who is not only posting links there but also commenting … I am not commenting on that 😛 ).

We then got into a discussion how big brother like it was of me to be able to be notified of his comments. It all ended with one final quote – out of context:

“I have three monkeys who write those comments for me. “