Jboss Interoperability

My todolist is rather short. However it could not be longer. I’ve been on this problem for days, so have several colleagues. If anybody knows what is necessary to make a 4.0.2. jboss do successful rmi with a 4.2.0 jboss. We keep getting a ClassNotFoundException: org.jboss.ejb3.stateless.StatelessRemoteProxy on doing the jndi lookup of our beautiful @RemoteHome… Continue reading Jboss Interoperability

Our garden

I have already spent a lot of time in our little garden. It is really small with about 60m² and less if you substract the terrace. Still I have managed to plant a lot of plants. If all goes well we’ll not only have a lot of fresh herbs and a few beautiful flowers but… Continue reading Our garden

Homemade Ice Cream

I have started making ice cream more often. It is still not as  scoopable as commercial stuff but I know what’s in it and that makes it taste so much better. I can make flavors that I want … This one was my first try. Maple Walnut. With walnuts from my parents’ garden.


Habe ich erwähnt, dass Arbeiten unter vielen Umständen wesentlich mehr Aggressionen hervorruft als die sogenannten Killerspiele? “Jetzt erschiess ich denen was. Ihre Leichen können sie selber aufräumen. Die sind doch selber schuld.” Zugegeben, dass “erschiess” hab ich einfach falsch gehört. Es ging ums “zerschiessen” was doch ein Unterschied ist. Würden wir im Büro eine Kasse… Continue reading Aggressionen

Imaginery Friends

I just found Friend Feed today and – since I cannot pass by new web gimmicks – I had to try it and now have made a lot of imaginery friends. Those are friends that do not have their own account on the service (yay another ‘social’ website). Instead of subscribing to their account you… Continue reading Imaginery Friends