Table Shopping

Table: et133 We have finally decided on a table and ordered it. This is a screenshot only. And those are not the chairs we ordered. Sadly I did not find a picture of those.

It was not easy finding a table we liked. We went to 3 stores to look at different tables and scoured the whole web for alternatives.

In the end it came down to 2 tables both of which were very nice. This one is going to be 190x100cm with two 50cm extensions (one on each side).

Update: I did find a picture of the chair finally.

Chair: Pietro

Imagine this in slate grey microfiber instead of black leather.

Update 2: Just so we have it all in one post. Here’s an image of the couch. Imagine the couch in ‘bordeaux’ red leather.

Couch: Bentley

By Yashima

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