Productivity Help Online

I have started to manage a lot of things through the web and was on the lookout for a good online “todo list” application. So when I saw the Reader Poll: Best Online To-do List Manager? on Lifehacker, I had hopes to find something good. Admittedly at first I only checked out the two services with the most votes: Remember the Milk and Todoist. But when I started writing the article I made an account on every single one of the services mentionned in the poll. So what’s below the cut? Screenshots, links and mini reviews – strongly opinionated – of all the different todolist managers. If you’re lazy jump to the conclusion now.
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Plums & Whisky Es ist wieder Zeit für Geschenke. Dieses Rezept habe ich schon vor 2 oder 3 Jahren erfolgreich ausprobiert und es ist so einfach und schnell gemacht wie es lecker schmeckt. Gefunden habe ich es in meinem kleinen Likörbüchlein Mit und Ohne.

Die eine Hälfte wird verschenkt und die andere Hälfte behalten wir. Ich mag zwar keine Pflaumen, aber der Whisky schmeckt anschliessend durchaus ganz annehmbar. Im übrigen nehmen wir dafür keinen von unseren Single Malts!

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new mmos

Tabula Rasa has an open beta out.

Many mmos coming out next year, will there be one to end the reign of WoW? (via Tobold)

My bet is on WAR. What I know? It will dent our guild membership, unless we make the jump and try it together. Not that I care overly much. My guild membership consists of reading and posting in the forum and logging on for an hour a week.

I think WAR is hyped quite a bit though and playing NWN2 I noticed how good WOW is.

i has no more food

Pink ChampagneNope this not a diet. There will however be no more articles in the Tasty Bytes category.

Despite this being the end of the category, it’s something (kind of) to celebrate – that’s what the champagne on the left is for. I have finally made a food blog of my own. So now I have a place that I can flood with food links, pictures, cookbook mentions and recipes: I present Fuzzy Cooking.

So more space for my food hobby.

I also decided to write the food articles in German from now on. I cannot seem to focus on one language for this blog and I notice that my recipes are a bit more accurate in German.

Table Shopping

Table: et133 We have finally decided on a table and ordered it. This is a screenshot only. And those are not the chairs we ordered. Sadly I did not find a picture of those.

It was not easy finding a table we liked. We went to 3 stores to look at different tables and scoured the whole web for alternatives.

In the end it came down to 2 tables both of which were very nice. This one is going to be 190x100cm with two 50cm extensions (one on each side).

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