Pwned by png

Because I felt like it, I installed MessageFaces on my mail client which is supposed to make use of the ‘face’ header in emails. So far so good. The plugin installed without trouble. But I have now spent half an hour trying to get an image that conforms to the restrictions placed on the images I can use for that header.

Can someone please tell me how I get a png that is exactly 48×48 pixels and less than 726 bytes large? Why not jpg? I can just reduce the image quality of my jpg …. pngs are much bigger and my best try so far was 2k. Is it gimp? Am I overlooking some of the more obscure options?

Of course it’s just a small gimmick but I would have liked to try it anyway. It seems that the gods of png won’t let me.

Edit(h) says: there’s a guide on the page … oops 😉



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