Scary Roast Cooking

Or rather scared cooking? There are some things that I have never tried and it scares me to just think of cooking them. Yesterday I prepared for a most dangerous undertaking … my first ever try to prepare a big roast that was not a chicken. Somehow I never got around to taking a big lump of meat and … do anything but cut it to pieces for some kind of stew.

There are other scary things like preparing any kind of bread dough … but preparing a big roast is right on top of the scariness scale.

Not only did I finally dare to try make a nice pork roast … I went ahead and did it without recipe as well … so here comes my personal recipe.

I took about 1.5kg pork roast (no idea what cut it was, was sold as pork roast), not too fatty and no skin and put it into a bowl with a few spices: some coarse sea salt, some dried marjoram, aniseed and no idea why dried chives, about too tablespoons of each and a good slug of olive oil. Before we went for another furniture shopping spree I put it back in the fridge where it stayed for about 3-4 hours. I do not even like the taste of anise but somehow it seemed fitting (and it was!).

When we got home I took a big pan (actually the metall lid of hour huge roasting pot) and first put in some butter and fried the huge lump of meat from all sides for a little bit until it “looked good”, then I added some veggies, my 3 favorites: red onions, tiny potatoes and some carrots. Then put all that in the oven at 220°C until the meat has a bit of a crust, reduce the temperature a bit later. I put a meat thermometer inside the roast and kept it in the oven until it showed that the roast was about 80°C on the inside. This took about one and a half hours. I poured some red Noilly Prat over the meat and onto the tray after one hour, hoping that it would somehow help the meat to not dry out. (I have terrible memories of dry roast, that I do not know the origin of … because I am pretty sure it was not at home …)

When the meat was done I took it out of the oven onto a plate and covered it with tin foil. The veggies went onto a plate and returned to the oven which I turned off. From the juices in the pan and some red wine and white onion finely diced I made a sauce to go with this. (I need to learn how to get rid of some of the fat in my sauces … just because!)

I wouldn’t be writing an article if it didn’t turn out quite wonderful. The meat was perfectly done and not dry at all! It was even quite tender something I had not expected.