I never thought this would get finished, but here we are. The review only speaks about the start of the game and as the reviewer decided to start in cell-form he didn’t get too far.

Spore PC Preview, Spore Preview

Spore is finished. That’s the first thing I learn as I head in to my play session at the Leipzig Games Convention. Obviously, the game isn’t finished finished (as in ready to ship), but in terms of its content offering, it’s all there — the game is complete. At this point, EA is spending the next several months paying attention to feedback from players to tweak and polish Spore for its release next Spring. But otherwise, it’s done. (via Reddit)

All in all it sounds like a game I would like to play.

“Eh, it’s already rated M due to the explicit scenes of cell mitosis.”

There’s also a gameplay video/demo on youTube.

By Yashima

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