Web 2.0 Play-things

The other day I found out about a shiny new forum software and decided I had to check out Vanilla, install and play some. I found it via the We know website.

Of course I don’t really need another or a new forum for anything. That’s really a problem because it would love to use it for the (WoW) guild forum or some other thing.

But I do remember very well all the trouble people gave me when I changed the guild’s board from phpbb to smf. So I am sure I cannot make them use this forum. Especially since Vanilla is rather “different” from most forums I know. Basically it’s as the name says “Vanilla” when you install it without any modifications. It’s just some categories, a few settings, a few roles (aka ranks) and a page with new posts. No more. No smiley’s, no private messaging (whispers instead, neat idea, but people will miss the PM features despite eMail being so much better than PMs) …

Then I started installing a few addons – it’s nearly as much fun as installing WoW addons – and it became even better. It’s got all these nice little javascripted ajax gimmicks built in and with the really fancy editor that can be dropped in it looks so much better than all the other forums I know.

*sigh* now I need to think of a way to use it for more than my personal playground 😉

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories