Lord of the Rings Online

After reading yet another rather extensive three part review of LotRO I am not so sure anymore about not trying the game.

Here’s one of the key-quotes from the review that made me re-think:

I’ve called it WoW for adults and I think that still holds true at least while we’re in the beta. Its not WoW in terms of polish, but its not EQ2 or Vanguard in terms of complexity or to the extent I’ve experienced, depth.

There are also a few nice screenshots scattered throughout the reviews showing off the questlog, character screen and more. I liked the equivalent of the WoW ‘/who/lfg’ screens, it looks much more polished.

So I hope there’ll be a free trival version – the pre-order offer with reduced monthly fees is seductive on the other hand …

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories