So instead of our usual Thursday P&P game we played Talisman last night. The game took only 5 hours and we even had a winner. The game was lots of fun. I believe though that there must be tons of errata out there. The game – as I own it – is horribly unbalanced and the rules not quite clear on many little things. Basically it was game over for the rest of us when the player who had the Satyr (can easily steal your companions) got a donkey and an amulett that protected him from ALL magic. We had no thief and he also had an Armor to ward of damage. He quickly hoarded all treasure there was … most of his adventures were more items, more companions and more talent and strength points …

In the end he had so many cards in front of him he lost count of all they could do.

I even made it to the crown of the world or what’s it called before he won the game and challenged him to a duel … he had only 2 hitpoints left. But sadly … I didn’t get to kill him. On his next turn he used the Satyr’s special ability to scare me away and I had to do the whole inner circle again … so I gave up and he won ….


everything 2.0-ed

So I am just clicking through my bloglines after I got finally a bit bored with tower defense

And what do I find?

Porn 2.0 – BuzzFeed

Porn 2.0 Tech Buzz The second generation of porn sites includes user-generated content and social networking. Remember when internet porn was just a bunch of tacky Angelfire and GeoCities portals? You can thank Ajax and CSS for your next dynamic online porn experience. (Thanks for the tip, Jason!)

See for yourself (buzzfeed is still safe to check^^, though I didn’t check any of the links there admittedly)



This is a test post 😉
I have just found a pretty editor that sits as an addon in firefox and allows me to post to any of my blogs … I would of course like some more features already but so far it looks nice: if the posting works. Let’s see this.

Fat 2 Light

Inhabitat » HUMAN-POWERED GYMS in Hong Kong

The gym’s 13 step, cycling and cross-training machines in the “Powered by YOU” program are popular with members. As gym member Rita Wong states, …™s very good motivation. You can watch yourself burning fat to turn on the light.

So is this really a first? I always thought that it would be a good idea to use the energy from the bikes, cross-trainers and steppers for something … same category: the sustainable dance club ?

Lord of the Rings Online

After reading yet another rather extensive three part review of LotRO I am not so sure anymore about not trying the game.

Here’s one of the key-quotes from the review that made me re-think:

I’ve called it WoW for adults and I think that still holds true at least while we’re in the beta. Its not WoW in terms of polish, but its not EQ2 or Vanguard in terms of complexity or to the extent I’ve experienced, depth.

There are also a few nice screenshots scattered throughout the reviews showing off the questlog, character screen and more. I liked the equivalent of the WoW ‘/who/lfg’ screens, it looks much more polished.

So I hope there’ll be a free trival version – the pre-order offer with reduced monthly fees is seductive on the other hand …

Favorite Salads – Part I

Greek Salad à la maison
Greek Salad à la maison

This has become one of my favorite salads since our vacation on Crete last year. I prefer it with feta cheese but since we also had “Kuchen” today we’ll skip that. As you can see what’s in there I don’t think I need to post a recipe. All you need besides the obvious is some olive oil and maybe some vinegar and pepper and salt.


So I decided to make the forum I found part of my homepage. I hope to be able to use it for some stuff that is not fit for discussing on the blog – like for example which movie we’re going to see tomorrow night 🙂 or for our Alliance for a certain web-based sci-fi game some of us are playing. I tried to make they layout similar to the blog as good as I can, there may be some glitches after all I spent only a couple of hours on the layout. So if you feel like it register

A Package from Japan

So I had been reading about Bentos a bit too often and decided I needed one for my lunch breaks. So I ordered one and since the selection was kind of weird anyway I decided to go for “absolutely weird” … I was forced to write this post and show everybody how weird I really am 😉