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There is snow We are on vacation. Skiing vacation.

There’s not a lot of snow, it’s nice and sunny and about 10°C.

As a bonus we have a working internet connection, it is very slow but well we can blog and play horizon.

I will try to upload a few of my pictures to flickr, but the flickr page is very slow and I don’t have the flickr uploader installed on the laptop.

The apartment is really nice, the only thing missing is a fireplace for the boys to play.

And while we forgot to bring the speakers for the collection of ipods we have brought with us there is a cd player and a tv in the apartment. The cd player has a problem the only cd it will play is one of Alex’ Opeth CDs …

The food shopping was already done and we now have 3 nice bottles of whisky. (Royal Lochnagar, Lagavulin and Cardhu)

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories

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  1. War nun seit vielen Jahren auch endlich wieder Ski fahren. In Tschechien mit meiner Geliebten. Ãœber Schneemangel können wir uns gar nicht beklagen. Mein Auto ist aus dem Schnee kaum noch rausgekommen… 🙂

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