Ski Blog

There is snow We are on vacation. Skiing vacation.

There’s not a lot of snow, it’s nice and sunny and about 10°C.

As a bonus we have a working internet connection, it is very slow but well we can blog and play horizon.

I will try to upload a few of my pictures to flickr, but the flickr page is very slow and I don’t have the flickr uploader installed on the laptop.

The apartment is really nice, the only thing missing is a fireplace for the boys to play.

And while we forgot to bring the speakers for the collection of ipods we have brought with us there is a cd player and a tv in the apartment. The cd player has a problem the only cd it will play is one of Alex’ Opeth CDs …

The food shopping was already done and we now have 3 nice bottles of whisky. (Royal Lochnagar, Lagavulin and Cardhu)