Why do you play WoW?

Shutar :: Orc Shaman :: Draenor EU: Why do 7 million people play World Of Warcraft ?

WOW is a manifestation of our culture’s love affair with instant gratification. It sucks gamers in with this promise: as long as you pay 15 bucks a month and play 8 hours a day, you’re guaranteed to become a living legend in the world of Azeroth, rich, powerful, adored. Unfortunately in real life, there is no deal that even comes close. Rising up and living the American dream takes blood, sweat, tears, perseverance, money and a lotta luck. It’s a brutally hard road which is why Blizzard (producer of WOW) is making billions betting that if they provide a much easier, alternative road, many people will take it.

Read the whole article. There’s a LOT of truth there. Sad truth to be sure.