Travel Journal – Part 1 Lancaster

So here I want to give a short account of our trip to Lancaster and Scotland. This is part one about the 3 and 2 quarter days we spent with the Schoellers in Lancaster.

Sch̦ller Familienphoto We arrived very late on Friday evening Рor rather night Рwith the Sch̦llis in Lancaster. Driving left was quite weird in the beginning especially since it was already dark outside and while still on the ring route around Manchester we managed to accidentally leave the auto route and had a little trouble getting back on our route.

But finally we arrived quite a bit later than anticipated since the plane was late and our driving not the fastest including some little unnecessary excursion around a couple of crossroads in Manchester.

Still we were greeted very enthusiastically, stayed up much later talking and listened to Scissor Sisters on the radio.

You can read more about our stay in Lancaster on Andi’s blog. We had 3 very nice days in Lancaster. On our first day we went shopping and geo-caching in and near Kendal where we were also introduced to Gregg’s sandwiches, “buy 2 for 2 pounds” and typical weather “now is it raining or has it just stopped?”.Da muss man sich einfach hinsetzen

On Sunday we wanted to see the sea as all visitors do and so we introduced the “tea-time on the Morecambe pier” type of excursion. Which of course includes lots of playing with the most interesting pavement games (what else could one call them) with nice old men hopping around in a labyrinth and meeting strange dogs who were not quite so scary after all.

In the evening the big people stayed up late to give presents to Andi for her third 29th birthday. Our present was something of a “Wink mit dem Zaunpfahl” – an English Jamie Oliver cookbook. And the hint was not about the cooking! On Andi’s birthday we took another shopping trip – this time to Lancaster with its most famous Costa coffee and the rather infamous chocolate muffin. Truly you need not eat anything else for a whole day after such a chocolate muffin, dark and tasty with chocolate chips and liquid chocolate filling accompanied by a vanilla flavored hot chocolate. But Andi made us buy pasties because we just had to try them. And in the evening there was the most memorable Passi-drinks-Lassi dinner. (The game store was quite memorable too!)

Passing by a book shop I acquired the Jane Austen collection and with envy did I see the selection the fish monger had to offer.

On Tuesday we said our goodbye’s and left to drive north to Scotland. We later heard that a certain small boy didn’t take that very well as he was in Kindergarden when we left and could not really say bye bye. But we had promised to return for a big Halloween dinner with Micha & Sandra.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories