First Cookies I was inspired by flickr to make my first x-mas cookies of the year today. These are quite simple citrus cookies. With a bit of icing. I may even go back and copy down the recipe from the book tomorrow when I am less tired than right now.

Today was a “lots of cooking” day for me. We had a guest today we hadn’t seen for quite some time (actually since my birthday). David had come from Heidelberg to play a bit of “Magic: The Gathering”. It has been years since I last played the game for real – except a couple of frustrating losses on our last skiing vacation of course. We had a really nice afternoon playing and talking.This was Quiche Lorraine

For dinner I made a Quiche Lorraine. I would have loved to show you a picture of that as well, but I only thought of taking a picture when it was too late: we ate up the whole quiche. I am quite sure I made it before but this recipe was definitely superior to all I used before as it contained quite a bit of Gruyère in the dough and the filling, lots of garlicky goodness and a variety of fresh herbs. And tomorrow I may even consider writing down this one as well.

I also went Whisky hunting today and returned quite disappointed because my beloved favorite was rather expensive – at least they carried it at 2 of the three stores I checked – and so I didn’t buy it.

But on returning home from the last shop I saw something funny, a stand from a local brewery (Moninger) or rather a truck full of beer with a sign that said “Moninger sagt Danke: für jeden Kasten Moninger gibt es einen zweiten dazu” or “buy one get one free”. Too bad I didn’t have my camera with me.

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