Phat Loot Monday

Phat Loot Monday So today after the gym I went shopping and got myself a few late souvenirs.

First everything went quite according to my plan to simple get the two really nice herbal tea mixes that were empty. But when I passed the mall I couldn’t resist to go in and check wether the grocery store in there might have my favorite whisky and wether it might be cheaper than elsewhere.

Well they did have it and the price was ok.

So I am walking up to the checkout (Kasse?!) and then it happend, the whole vacation came back in a second: the same moment I saw the sign “now offering up to 100€ cash-backs with purchases 20 € and more” I heard they were playing “I don’t feel like dancing” and as the “Mediamarkt” was next door that’s where I went next.

Since the cashier in the grocery store didn’t ask if I wanted cash-back – I guess it’s too new over here and rather unusual – I never remembered to ask for it and so I stood there with a cd for 5.50€ and NO CASH.

Stupid me.

Of course in the UK it wouldn’t have been a problem as you can pay any small amount with a credit or debit card anywhere. Here they are quite picky about that.

So I asked: “Is it possible to pay this with my debit card?”

The nice lady – looking rather like Snape at that moment – shook her head. I must have looked very disappointed because suddenly she turned into a smiling Dumbledore and said: “Ok but just this one time”.

So here I am sitting listening to the song and looking forward to a taste of Cragganmore.

PS: yes we did watch a Harry Potter movie last night.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories