Mistress of the Uncluttered Closet

Just today I wrote about my Cluttered Closet, which had been a frustrating thing to just look at for quite some time

I should just get a bigger closet ….

Old shoes I followed the advice from the article about the Happy Closet at Lifeorganizers.com and now I have 1 big bag of shoes to throw out and 2 huge bags of clothes I really should have given away or thrown out long ago plus another bag of clothes that will get a second review before I will throw them out as well. I am thinking of finding a second hand clothes shop to try and sell them. There are some things in there I have never worn at all and some quite expensive things I only wore once or twice.

I am throwing away nearly 10 pairs of shoes and I still have at least a dozen pairs.

I still kept quite a few things in the “special occasions” category that should be substituted with newer and better stuff if I get the chance. I should really start shopping only to substitute old things. There were way too many pieces that posed no trouble at all to decide to put on the A (= throw out) pile.

PS: my closet is now very orderly and everything looks neat. I feel like I might go shopping soon now that I have so much empty space in there 😉

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories

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  1. hey! ich habs genau gesehen! dass sind unsere in mannheim erworbenen riemchen-schuhe. die kannst du doch noch nicht wegwerfen ! 🙂

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