Mistress of the Cluttered Closet

Yes that is me. I should take a picture of it tonight. Some of you would be shocked others probably not.

But I found this nice site that speaks truth on the topic. I already knew most of the advice contained in there. Except I hate throwing away perfectly good clothes that I am sure I will wear again one of these days …
10 Steps to a Happy Clothes Closet

The clothes closet is one of the least respected areas in the house. It’s often stuffed from floor to ceiling with clothing, briefcases, purses and shoes. Valuable clothing rod space has been taken over by vast armies of mismatched hangers. Books and magazines have managed to somehow sprout out of nowhere. Bed linens are mixed in with towels, umbrellas and shoes. You can barely see the floor. Before you know it, your closet has become clutter central!

I should just get a bigger closet ….

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories