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Accidental Hedonist – Food Envy

This is an unexplainable and crippling phenomenon that happens whenever going out to restaurants. Here is how it usually plays out, you spend minutes pouring over your menu asking your dining partner what he/she is having,what they think you should get and trying to decide what sounds the most appetizing.

Read all of it and then tell me it never happened to you and make me believe that.

It’s hard enough to decide what to eat just by considering what I would like at that moment. But if I am not alone … it becomes much more complex because the other person might just order precisely that one dish I was not so sure about …

I know it happens. I order the fish I was hoping for all vacation and then it’s some dry stuff that tastes like ash and Rolland has the nice steak that is the house specialty … oh geez … but I usually don’t eat off his plate while he is in the bath room …

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories


  1. Strange. I nevere realized that this can be such a huge problem.
    Sure, the first part (choosing your menu) occured to me more than once, and even the partners change in mind at the last second sounds familiar 🙂

    However, stealing from your plate while you are aft (away from table) never came to my mind. lol. I hope you don’t think that somehing like that is necessary. You just have to ask, my love. Mine is yours.


  2. I know that problem very well.

    Nowadays it’s easier, as I have become strictly vegetarian. There is not much to chose in most German restaurants. I still have this problem with Asian fast food.

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