Und was verschenkt ihr dieses Jahr?

Wem partout nix einfaellt, bevor ihr zur Spendenquittung als Geschenk greift, gibts im Zeitalter des Internet auch ein paar hilfreiche (na ja) Webseiten:
Weihnachtsgeschenke – Ausgefallene Geschenke zu Weihnachten – Geschenkideen

Bungee- & Fallschirmsprünge, Rundflüge, Ballonfahrten, Rafting, Koch- & Golfkurse, Tauchkurse, Baggerfahren und weitere Erlebnisgeschenke

Und es gibt noch mehr solche Seiten

Und ungefaehr alles an Geschenken: über Panzerfahren, Baggerfahren, Milchschafe, Olivenbäume, Kochkurse bis hin zu:

Geschenkset “Erotische Nudel-Verführung” Ein eindeutig zweideutiges Dinner verbirgt sich hinter diesem originellen Geschenkset. Es ist hervorragend geeignet und…

Decision making processes

Accidental Hedonist – Food Envy

This is an unexplainable and crippling phenomenon that happens whenever going out to restaurants. Here is how it usually plays out, you spend minutes pouring over your menu asking your dining partner what he/she is having,what they think you should get and trying to decide what sounds the most appetizing.

Read all of it and then tell me it never happened to you and make me believe that.

It’s hard enough to decide what to eat just by considering what I would like at that moment. But if I am not alone … it becomes much more complex because the other person might just order precisely that one dish I was not so sure about …

I know it happens. I order the fish I was hoping for all vacation and then it’s some dry stuff that tastes like ash and Rolland has the nice steak that is the house specialty … oh geez … but I usually don’t eat off his plate while he is in the bath room …

Flickr Features

Via: FlickrBlog

Ever wanted to share private photos with friends and family without making them go through the rigamarole or opening their own Flickr account?

Three new flickr features have been published: the guest pass was introduced, the mobile site was improved and a lot of interesting search features concerning camera models have been added. I like the first and the last most as I am not really using the mobile site.

Hey ihr Kellerkinder!

Kam grad über die Gildenwebseite …

MUNDMISCHE.DE РDas andere deutsche W̦rterbuch РStartseite

Du bist hier auf MUNDMISCHE.DE gelandet, dem etwas anderen W̦rterbuch der deutschen Sprache. MUNDMISCHE.DE beinhaltet Slang, Redewendungen, Weisheiten, Beleidigungen, regionalen Dialekt, lustige Wortsch̦pfungen und alles was deine Fantasie noch so hergibt РSprache ist Evolution.

Besonders schön “den Jörg rufen” oder auch “Kellerkind” …

Best of Wikipedia Rejects

Surfing around on blogger I found this fun-blog:

The Wikipedia Knowledge Dump (WikiDumper.org): Geek Rock

Geek Rock is a musical subgenre of alternative rock which embraces technology and technological themes, often in a humorous or ironic context, as well as other subjects considered “geeky.”

As you can see in the sample it contains “interesting” articles from Wikipedia. All the featured articles are ones,  that are going to be deleted from Wikipedia in the (near?) future because the editing staff has rejected them for some reason or other.

Have fun reading.

Mistress of the Uncluttered Closet

Just today I wrote about my Cluttered Closet, which had been a frustrating thing to just look at for quite some time

I should just get a bigger closet ….

Old shoes I followed the advice from the article about the Happy Closet at Lifeorganizers.com and now I have 1 big bag of shoes to throw out and 2 huge bags of clothes I really should have given away or thrown out long ago plus another bag of clothes that will get a second review before I will throw them out as well. I am thinking of finding a second hand clothes shop to try and sell them. There are some things in there I have never worn at all and some quite expensive things I only wore once or twice.

I am throwing away nearly 10 pairs of shoes and I still have at least a dozen pairs.

I still kept quite a few things in the “special occasions” category that should be substituted with newer and better stuff if I get the chance. I should really start shopping only to substitute old things. There were way too many pieces that posed no trouble at all to decide to put on the A (= throw out) pile.

PS: my closet is now very orderly and everything looks neat. I feel like I might go shopping soon now that I have so much empty space in there 😉