Cold & Indulgence

Thursday I experienced the first symptoms of what should become a full-blown cold within half a day. In the evening I tried everything from hot tea to a hot bath. To no avail, I felt quite terrible the next morning and decided it woud be better to go to the doctor. She looked at my throat said something about a virus infection and told me to stay in bed the next few days sounding more serious than I had previously thought the illness to be.

Our living room sofa is actually a bed-couch which can be used for visitors, so I guess it qualifies as lying in bed. I spent more or less three days on that couch drinking tea and indulging myself with watching “Happy-End”-movies. Emma twice, Pride & Prejudice twice – once even in English without subtitles – and Geisha twice. I also finished reading “Emma” in that time. So I guess it would be quite enough now – except that I already ordered “Sense and Sensibility” …

Ah don’t hit me …

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories


  1. Not fair … what am I supposed to do being ill as I am?

    I am waiting for the delivery of my lastest Amazon order “Sense and Sensibility”

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