I just learned again how important it is to take some time to relax and get de-stressed.

So this week-end was full of anti-stress activities: shopping – spending money is relaxing! – and going to Baden Baden to visit the Caracalla Therme. Saturday I got myself a new outfit and some kitchen utensils. We finally own an angular (as in not round) lasagna dish. We made lasagna a couple weeks ago and it reminded me how stupid it is to make lasagna in an oval casserole.

While the new dish is from Le Creuset – my favorite kitchen utensils company – I keep messing up the spelling and pronounciation with Le Crosets, which is a skiing ressort where we will finally – after 2 years of wanting to – go to next January.

And I am back to the gym for – more or less – regular exercise and to get my mind of the treadmill I’ve taken along a book I got for my birthday: jpod. It’s absolutely high-end weird.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories