No good things about logging

The BileBlog

So, what do we have as a result? We have JBoss, with 6-7 pages of output when things go well, and a (not very) abridged version of War and Peace when they (usually) do not.

Sometimes I react a bit touchy to vulgar language like contained in the post quoted above but the BileBlog always manages to be incredibly funny writing like that. That post just made my day …. and it’s so true: to have your software log useful things is not as easy as one might think and most of the stuff in logfiles is a lot of garbage nobody needs or wants to see.

The future of the human species

The Dilbert Blog quite often has very funny articles, this one right in there containing Scott Adams’ theories on evolution. You know, I just had to laugh:

So that’s our human future – a bunch of cheese-breath atheists squaring off against the species who perceive things that aren’t measurable. The atheists will have most of the scientists but the supernatural-seers will have numbers. I can only hope for the sake of the scientists that the supernatural-seers become vegetarians.

Also read this article:

In response to being labeled evil and inhuman by a dead Byzantine emperor, a group of Muslims did what anyone would do in that situation: They firebombed two churches in the West Bank. […]

slugs, worms & dirt

I rarely find the time to read all the wonderful things in my blogreader. But every once in a while I find a little gem like this article bei Mac @ pesky’apostrophe

Bugs and worms and slugs and dirt might not be pleasant and it might not be something you want to eat, but it’s a fact of life. Vegetables are grown outside in the dirt. Bugs and worms and slugs are outside all over the place, and they’re going to crawl around on the vegetables that you eat. And the average person ends up eating 200-800 mg of dirt per day, anyway. But Mr. Fish won’t hear it. In his head, vegetables are grown in hermetically-sealed pristine clean rooms.

Not that I like to eat worms and stuff …. but I think I have my own Mr. Fish at home 😉


Wir sind gerade aus dem Kino heimgekommen. “Cars” – das neuste Werk von Pixar. Nachdem ich schon unendlich oft die Vorschau gesehen hatte, hatte ich eigentlich nicht gerade so die Motivation mir das “anzutun”. Wer will schon einen Film über ein Rennauto sehen? Ein rotes Rennauto, dass noch nicht mal ein Ferrari ist?

Aber wenn man halt sonst nix vorhat, geht man eben auch mit ins Kino wenn man den Film nicht unbedingt sehen will und die anderen waren ja auch mit mir in “Bandidas” (5/10).

Nach dem Film habe ich nun meine Meinung geändert (8/10)  und würde ihn mir fast nochmal anschauen, vor allem jetzt wo ich weiss wer die ganzen deutschen Sprecher sind. Args die ganze Zeit hatte ich das Gefühl “du kennst diese Stimme” … dummerweise wurde mir erst anschliessend erklärt wer das alles war. Vielleicht auch mal ein Film wo sich das Spiel lohnt … immerhin ist es sicherlich ein Rennspiel.


I just learned again how important it is to take some time to relax and get de-stressed.

So this week-end was full of anti-stress activities: shopping – spending money is relaxing! – and going to Baden Baden to visit the Caracalla Therme. Saturday I got myself a new outfit and some kitchen utensils. We finally own an angular (as in not round) lasagna dish. We made lasagna a couple weeks ago and it reminded me how stupid it is to make lasagna in an oval casserole.

While the new dish is from Le Creuset – my favorite kitchen utensils company – I keep messing up the spelling and pronounciation with Le Crosets, which is a skiing ressort where we will finally – after 2 years of wanting to – go to next January.

And I am back to the gym for – more or less – regular exercise and to get my mind of the treadmill I’ve taken along a book I got for my birthday: jpod. It’s absolutely high-end weird.