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Last week I was invited to a training for the company’s new project management process.

The training was interesting as we had to conduct a small project on our own to experience the new process first-hand. The project was to build a lego house and thus we learned by playing which is a good thing.

The nice detail was that when I arrived at work today there was a nice certificate about my participation lying on my desk. I was just about to ridicule the certificate for a 2-hour-training, when I noticed that they had not only put my name on it but a color picture of the house we built!

That’s just the kind of nice personal detail I enjoy and appreciate.

By Yashima

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2 replies on “Detail”

Well but you know that the sorting of the material before the project was key to our success. If only I knew how to translate “sorting” into something to do with my work.

I guess organization is key …

Anyway maybe you didn’t get one because you already did the training once before?

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