Month: August 2006

  • Shiny Toys

    Tea Gizmo in Action The other day I was shopping birthday presents and I came across a rather weird looking item. Yes the one on the picture. The packaging contained the word “tea” so I immediately knew what it was good for. I treated myself to a little “shopping present” and went home to test […]

  • fc

    fc ist eine Abkürzung. Wird gerne mal beim chatten verwendet, vorrangig in WoW. Sie steht für “falscher channel” (immer diese Mischung aus English und Deutsch tztz!) In dem ganzen Zock-Stress, zwischen Mobs, feindlichen Spielern und ca. 10 verschiedenen Chat-Kanälen kommt es doch häufiger mal vor, dass man sich vertippt und etwas statt mit /channelname mit […]

  • Community Project

    I haven’t had the time to post as I was pretty busy helping a project on it’s way that took several months to finally launch. The actual work took only 2 weeks but organizing and getting people to do it was the hard part. Behold the new Community Page for our World of Warcraft Server: […]

  • WoW is like knitting?

    I know this just too well: I love the leveling grind of WoW. It’s why I prefer a PvE server to a PvP server, in fact, since it’s hard to get into the zen-like grind-mind I enjoy when I’m constantly being ganked. And it’s why I so resent being ganked, in fact…those players are interrupting […]

  • Detail

    Last week I was invited to a training for the company’s new project management process. The training was interesting as we had to conduct a small project on our own to experience the new process first-hand. The project was to build a lego house and thus we learned by playing which is a good thing. […]

  • If I was Blizzard

    I’d be rich of course. But that is not what this is about. World of Warcraft is a pretty good game as games go and Blizzard were more successfull with their concept for the “masses” than they themselves ever thought they could be. The K.I.S.S principle (keep it simple, stupid) permeates the game. That is […]