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Tea Gizmo in Action

The other day I was shopping birthday presents and I came across a rather weird looking item. Yes the one on the picture. The packaging contained the word “tea” so I immediately knew what it was good for. I treated myself to a little “shopping present” and went home to test it out.

It’s a small metal tube that you can fill tea into to brew yourself a single cup of tea rather quickly.

For ease of cleaning you can remove the lid at the bottom.

Just one thing: do not use too much tea with the tube, because it becomes pretty hard to remove and I cut myself in the finger and it still hurts.


fc ist eine Abkürzung. Wird gerne mal beim chatten verwendet, vorrangig in WoW. Sie steht für “falscher channel” (immer diese Mischung aus English und Deutsch tztz!)

In dem ganzen Zock-Stress, zwischen Mobs, feindlichen Spielern und ca. 10 verschiedenen Chat-Kanälen kommt es doch häufiger mal vor, dass man sich vertippt und etwas statt mit /channelname mit 7channelname im falschen landet oder gleich als antwort auf ein Whisper beim falschen Empfänger.

Es gibt da eine wunderbare “r” (wie in reply, also antworten) Funktion mit dem man direkt dem letzten etwas zuflüstern kann, der einem etwas zugeflüstert hatte. Chattet man also mit mehreren Leuten gleichzeitig per Whisper, passiert es sehr sehr schnell, dass man aus Versehen die Empfänger vertauscht.

Zu meinem – zunächst nicht so – großen Amüsement gestern geschehen.

Da ich den Täter, der eigentlich das Opfer ist, hier nicht weiter blossstellen will, sei nur so viel gesagt: wenn man Unsinn schreibt, der aus dem Kontext gerissen echt übel klingt, sollte man wirklich gut aufpassen, wohin man das schickt.

Ums mit dem eigentlichen Empfänger zu sagen: lölchen.

Sorry, aber das musste sein.

Community Project

I haven’t had the time to post as I was pretty busy helping a project on it’s way that took several months to finally launch. The actual work took only 2 weeks but organizing and getting people to do it was the hard part.

Behold the new Community Page for our World of Warcraft Server:

The server has been online for exactly a year today so we thought it a good idea to launch the site today.

Also my current main character is one year old today and our guild will be one year old on August 25th (next week *g*). Since the project is live now, I hope to have more time again for other things.

Once we got rolling, it was a really great experience to create such a project with people across the internet none of whom I have ever met except in teamspeak.

WoW is like knitting?

I know this just too well:

I love the leveling grind of WoW. It’s why I prefer a PvE server to a PvP server, in fact, since it’s hard to get into the zen-like grind-mind I enjoy when I’m constantly being ganked. And it’s why I so resent being ganked, in fact…those players are interrupting my cleansing trance, my “I don’t need to think very hard about this” downtime activity

via Terra Nova: In Praise of the Grind

Only problem: I am playing on a PvP server.  But there isn’t much open pvp going on in the regions where I twink.  My favorite mode of playing is the mindless running in circles to gather Blindweed  North of  Nethergarde.


Last week I was invited to a training for the company’s new project management process.

The training was interesting as we had to conduct a small project on our own to experience the new process first-hand. The project was to build a lego house and thus we learned by playing which is a good thing.

The nice detail was that when I arrived at work today there was a nice certificate about my participation lying on my desk. I was just about to ridicule the certificate for a 2-hour-training, when I noticed that they had not only put my name on it but a color picture of the house we built!

That’s just the kind of nice personal detail I enjoy and appreciate.

If I was Blizzard

I’d be rich of course. But that is not what this is about. World of Warcraft is a pretty good game as games go and Blizzard were more successfull with their concept for the “masses” than they themselves ever thought they could be. The K.I.S.S principle (keep it simple, stupid) permeates the game. That is what draws people in. You start playing and it takes all of five minutes to get a grasp on the game and get hooked.

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