Top Ten: Things that are stupid about summer

This morning I thought how summer really is not as cool (whow pun alarm) as some people want it to be. So here’s my top ten – starting at the bottom – of things I hate about summer:

10. My brain feels kind of cooked and thinking is pretty slow, I am absolutely not able to motivate myself to do anything productive and therefore I am mutating into a lazy barbecued balcony potatoe

9. I feel bad anytime I stay inside and don’t go out to enjoy the beautiful summer

8. Moskitoes

7. Too much laundry since I have to change my clothes twice a day

6. Too many flies and moths all over the apartment we have to exchange the sticky traps every few days

5. I lost the pin to my online banking service #2, okay that’s not summer specific but it still sucks.

4. Chocolate just does not taste quite as good, the same goes for red wine

3. I have to work (okay that’s all year long but when the sun is shining it’s twice as frustrating)

2. I have a cold from the wonderful office cooling system

1. It is too hot, I guess this is the true reason behind all the other 9 summer problems
So the conclusion: summer stinks, like the sweaty people and the junk in the courtyard that is cooking all day long in the sun and makes me want to throw up everytime I have to park my bike there after work.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories


  1. I like our air conditioning system system and I wouldn’t mind a few degrees less 🙂 But you are right about most of the other points, especially the laundry.

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