Delicious Spam?

Actually I do not know any kind of spam that is delicious. But today I saw spam for the first time.

I was looking for items tagged with “ruby” (oh yes I decided to check out ruby for my latest “will never get done”-project) because I had to kill my memory-eating browser which was open with all the nice links Psycho posted in his ruby series and I was to lazy to search for his blog the post etc. (which I am now doing anyway as you can see).

I thought delicious would be faster … just type ./tag/ruby and I would be there. Only then I noticed that all the top-links began with “Top 30 Ruby XYZ” and all those were also linked by 222 other people. I am rather sure that is no accident but spam.
So here I am wasting time ranting about spam instead of learning ruby. I was just to surprised at yet another service being abused by spammers. Does anyone know wether has any spam protection built in? Is anyone controlling the users?