Month: July 2006

  • Top Ten: The good things about summer

    Well after I posted what I do not like about summer, now I guess I have to tell you what I do like. Wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t? 10. No need for socks, going barefoot or with flip flops … 9. Getting up early. The heat drives me out of bed early … and […]

  • Top Ten: Things that are stupid about summer

    This morning I thought how summer really is not as cool (whow pun alarm) as some people want it to be. So here’s my top ten – starting at the bottom – of things I hate about summer: 10. My brain feels kind of cooked and thinking is pretty slow, I am absolutely not able […]

  • Quiztime: Which character are you?

    My result of the ASOIAF Quiz: I am Jon Snow. Well it was a close call between Jon Snow, Sansa and Ned. There’s another ASOIAF quiz “Which female character are you” and I ended up Sansa there, twice. Sansa is really not very likeable in the beginning, but like Jaime she becomes more interesting with […]

  • Unproductivity Puzzles

    If anyone doesn’t know yet: Just a few nice puzzles for a short break from work

  • Delicious Spam?

    Actually I do not know any kind of spam that is delicious. But today I saw spam for the first time. I was looking for items tagged with “ruby” (oh yes I decided to check out ruby for my latest “will never get done”-project) because I had to kill my memory-eating browser which was […]