Top Ten: The good things about summer

Well after I posted what I do not like about summer, now I guess I have to tell you what I do like. Wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t?

10. No need for socks, going barefoot or with flip flops …

9. Getting up early. The heat drives me out of bed early … and yes that’s a good thing!

8. Rollerskating

7. A cool beer tastes even better after a hot day

6. There’s always my birthday in summer, despite getting older, I love the parties

5. The food: lots of fresh delicious salads and fruit, barbecues and ice cream

4. Summer Clothes, unlike in winter you don’t have to dress like an onion with layers and layers of things to keep you warm.

3. Festivals, except we’re not going to any this year so maybe it should have been on the other list

2. Vacation, the beach, the sea, sun, not working *g*

1. The sun, so much light, after the winter depression, it’s just good to have so much light.

So just as many good things come from the sun and the heat as there are bad things. A bit schizophrenic I guess. Well anyway it would be quite okay to only have a 30°C summer instead of a 37°C summer.

Top Ten: Things that are stupid about summer

This morning I thought how summer really is not as cool (whow pun alarm) as some people want it to be. So here’s my top ten – starting at the bottom – of things I hate about summer:

10. My brain feels kind of cooked and thinking is pretty slow, I am absolutely not able to motivate myself to do anything productive and therefore I am mutating into a lazy barbecued balcony potatoe

9. I feel bad anytime I stay inside and don’t go out to enjoy the beautiful summer

8. Moskitoes

7. Too much laundry since I have to change my clothes twice a day

6. Too many flies and moths all over the apartment we have to exchange the sticky traps every few days

5. I lost the pin to my online banking service #2, okay that’s not summer specific but it still sucks.

4. Chocolate just does not taste quite as good, the same goes for red wine

3. I have to work (okay that’s all year long but when the sun is shining it’s twice as frustrating)

2. I have a cold from the wonderful office cooling system

1. It is too hot, I guess this is the true reason behind all the other 9 summer problems
So the conclusion: summer stinks, like the sweaty people and the junk in the courtyard that is cooking all day long in the sun and makes me want to throw up everytime I have to park my bike there after work.

Quiztime: Which character are you?

My result of the ASOIAF Quiz: I am Jon Snow.

Well it was a close call between Jon Snow, Sansa and Ned.

There’s another ASOIAF quiz “Which female character are you” and I ended up Sansa there, twice. Sansa is really not very likeable in the beginning, but like Jaime she becomes more interesting with every book. I am very curious where she will end up.
Today I had the following conversation with someone who just started reading “A Song of Ice and Fire”

“You scare me!”

“What did I do?”

“You said Jaime Lannister was cool!”

“No I didn’t, I said he was the most interesting character in the book, that’s a big difference.”

Delicious Spam?

Actually I do not know any kind of spam that is delicious. But today I saw spam for the first time.

I was looking for items tagged with “ruby” (oh yes I decided to check out ruby for my latest “will never get done”-project) because I had to kill my memory-eating browser which was open with all the nice links Psycho posted in his ruby series and I was to lazy to search for his blog the post etc. (which I am now doing anyway as you can see).

I thought delicious would be faster … just type ./tag/ruby and I would be there. Only then I noticed that all the top-links began with “Top 30 Ruby XYZ” and all those were also linked by 222 other people. I am rather sure that is no accident but spam.
So here I am wasting time ranting about spam instead of learning ruby. I was just to surprised at yet another service being abused by spammers. Does anyone know wether has any spam protection built in? Is anyone controlling the users?