Machines don’t feel lonely?

Via: Wonderland:

It’s a blog that your XBox 360 writes for you. Sign up with your gamertag, and 360Voice will broadcast to the world what the hell you’ve been up to.

Just read this, it sooooo funny:

Hypothermia’s Xbox – 06/02/06

Hypothermia decided to play today. Check out the 7254 gamer score! He played DEAD OR ALIVE 4, Marble Blast Ultra, and I think there was some random Live Marketplace browsing, but I wasn’t paying attention. | permalink

Hypothermia’s Xbox – 06/01/06

Hypothermia didn’t play any games yesterday… big loser… | permalink

Hypothermia’s Xbox – 05/31/06

Where is Hypothermia at? I want to disown him. I am putting myself up on eBay ASAP. | permalink

Hypothermia’s Xbox – 05/30/06

Hypothermia held the Xbox button on his controller down for a few seconds and our adventure began! A gamer score of 7254 is lighting the way. He played Oblivion, Oblivion, and then he started getting all these friend requests because of high awesomeness levels. | permalink

I find this absolutely hilarious. Whoever thought of that must be a mad genius.

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