All the lights are green

This morning on my way to work … I stopped at a local market stall where I often buy poultry and eggs to buy beautiful petite strawberries and an apple for lunch. The same tasty lunch I already had yesterday. So the man working there says:

“Only one apple?”
“Yes it’s for lunch, I only need one!”
“Oh for lunch, well I’ll give it to you for free then.”

What a nice gesture. I have no idea what the apple would have cost, not much anyway, but something like that makes me smile and enjoy the morning.

On the other hand me not being a car but driving a bike probably saved a young girl’s life this morning. I was going down a road mid-tempo, when I see 2 people between the parked cars who seemed to want to cross the street on their bikes. I hear the mother say: “Wait and look if there’s car!” I was coming up to them expecting the girl that had shown up with her little bike to stop at her mother’s word and didn’t really slow down. Except: she didn’t stop until she was right in the middle of the street looking at me with big eyes. Of course I stopped and nothing happened, only had I been in a car and the girl had reacted the same way she would probably be in the hospital right now. One might say: well she would have heard the car and not gone on. But her mother told her to stop and she didn’t hesitate a second and I would find that quite disturbing how carelessly she crossed the street. And the girl wasn’t that young probably 7 years old I’d guess.

I felt like in those movies or books where you know a person shouldn’t do something but you just know they will because it produces drama.

Apropos movies. We went to see the Schauburg sneak preview yesterday. The good thing was we met Patrick at the Wolfsbräu where we were before the movie drinking, eating and watching soccer. The bad thing was … well the movie. I didn’t like it. “Je ne suis là pour être aimé” is a French romantic movie the ‘spirit’ (irony! it was sorely lacking any spirit!) of which is captured perfectly in this quote “Much subtlety and humanity in a very downbeat minimalist framework”. Not my kind of movie. 5/10.

And the title? Well all the traffic lights were green this morning going to work.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories