Machines don’t feel lonely?

Via: Wonderland:

It’s a blog that your XBox 360 writes for you. Sign up with your gamertag, and 360Voice will broadcast to the world what the hell you’ve been up to.

Just read this, it sooooo funny:

Hypothermia’s Xbox – 06/02/06

Hypothermia decided to play today. Check out the 7254 gamer score! He played DEAD OR ALIVE 4, Marble Blast Ultra, and I think there was some random Live Marketplace browsing, but I wasn’t paying attention. | permalink

Hypothermia’s Xbox – 06/01/06

Hypothermia didn’t play any games yesterday… big loser… | permalink

Hypothermia’s Xbox – 05/31/06

Where is Hypothermia at? I want to disown him. I am putting myself up on eBay ASAP. | permalink

Hypothermia’s Xbox – 05/30/06

Hypothermia held the Xbox button on his controller down for a few seconds and our adventure began! A gamer score of 7254 is lighting the way. He played Oblivion, Oblivion, and then he started getting all these friend requests because of high awesomeness levels. | permalink

I find this absolutely hilarious. Whoever thought of that must be a mad genius.

Ehegattensplitting ins Antiquariat

Spiegel schreibt vom Ende der Teilung: Familienpolitiker wollen Ehegattensplitting abschaffen

Der familienpolitische Sprecher der Unions-Bundestagsfraktion, Johannes Singhammer (CSU), verteidigte dagegen das Splitting als zeitgemäß. Im Fall einer Abschaffung der bisherigen Regelung wären vor allem die Frauen benachteiligt, die ihre Kinder aufgezogen und dafür auf ein eigenes Einkommen verzichtet hätten und nun im Alter – wenn die Kinder aus dem Haus seien – nicht mehr die Vorteile des Ehegatten-Splittings in Anspruch nehmen könnten. Im Ãœbrigen sei die besondere Bevorzugung traditioneller Lebensgemeinschaften ein Privileg, das das Grundgesetz für Ehe und Familien reserviert habe.

Alle sind dafür bis auf einen ….

Ich finde es gut, wenn das abgeschafft wird, weil es wie im Artikel beschrieben, einfach keine zeitgemässe Familien und vor allem Kinderförderung mehr ist. Deutschland ist eines der Länder Europas mit den niedrigsten Geburtenraten. Regelungen wie das Ehegattensplitting fördern ein rückschrittliches Bild von Frauen und Familie, welches hierzulande wie in kaum einem anderen Land Europas (am ehesten noch in Südeuropa, Italien zB) noch verbreitet ist. Positive Beispiele sind in der Tat Frankreich und auch die nordischen Länder. Das Splitting ist etwas was der wahren Gleichberechtigung der Frau in der Gesellschaft im Wege steht, weil es das alte Bild der Frau zu Hause zu sehr fördert. Solange die Politik solche Bilder fördert, wird die Gesellschaft folgen und alte Ansichten bestehen bleiben. Investiert das Geld in Kinderbetreuung und Förderung!

All the lights are green

This morning on my way to work … I stopped at a local market stall where I often buy poultry and eggs to buy beautiful petite strawberries and an apple for lunch. The same tasty lunch I already had yesterday. So the man working there says:

“Only one apple?”
“Yes it’s for lunch, I only need one!”
“Oh for lunch, well I’ll give it to you for free then.”

What a nice gesture. I have no idea what the apple would have cost, not much anyway, but something like that makes me smile and enjoy the morning.

On the other hand me not being a car but driving a bike probably saved a young girl’s life this morning. I was going down a road mid-tempo, when I see 2 people between the parked cars who seemed to want to cross the street on their bikes. I hear the mother say: “Wait and look if there’s car!” I was coming up to them expecting the girl that had shown up with her little bike to stop at her mother’s word and didn’t really slow down. Except: she didn’t stop until she was right in the middle of the street looking at me with big eyes. Of course I stopped and nothing happened, only had I been in a car and the girl had reacted the same way she would probably be in the hospital right now. One might say: well she would have heard the car and not gone on. But her mother told her to stop and she didn’t hesitate a second and I would find that quite disturbing how carelessly she crossed the street. And the girl wasn’t that young probably 7 years old I’d guess.

I felt like in those movies or books where you know a person shouldn’t do something but you just know they will because it produces drama.

Apropos movies. We went to see the Schauburg sneak preview yesterday. The good thing was we met Patrick at the Wolfsbräu where we were before the movie drinking, eating and watching soccer. The bad thing was … well the movie. I didn’t like it. “Je ne suis là pour être aimé” is a French romantic movie the ‘spirit’ (irony! it was sorely lacking any spirit!) of which is captured perfectly in this quote “Much subtlety and humanity in a very downbeat minimalist framework”. Not my kind of movie. 5/10.

And the title? Well all the traffic lights were green this morning going to work.

Encoding trouble revisited

Searching on my blog for articles on encodings and how to deal with them will yield quite a few results.

As if there could be a project without encoding trouble. So I’ve been searching for the reason why unix diff finds differences where none are and those are of course caused by some funky encoding weirdness.

If I am lucky my single “good” blogpost on the topic will help me out because I can only reproduce the bug on a machine which does not really have locales configured. I really hope – I know one shouldn’t hope to fix bugs but just find the solution and fix them – that this is it.

But the exact same test acts different on 2 different deployments of my project. So maybe I’ll be done with that one soon.

Update: it’s definitely not simple trouble with locales …

To raid or not to raid

We always said we would not be a raiding guild.

We also said, that we would try the 20 man instances Zul Gurub and The Ruins of Ahn Qiraj. Those are raid instances. (Upper Blackrock Spire does NOT count as a true raid instance … much too easy!)

What exactly makes a guild a “raiding guild”? On first glance one might believe it is the tight schedule of raids to which members must appear, the enforcement of “optimum” talents, equipment, buffs and the concise commands everyone has to follow during the raid which reduces quite a few classes to “two-buttons-per-encounter” classes – but those are merely the obvious symptoms, those people hate the most. These cause people like myself to abhor raiding and decide to create a guild like ours a “non-raiding-guild” (We are quite exotic in that our bylaws contain this phrase and that we always said we will never do 40-man instances as a guild. Many people on the realm don’t believe when they hear that the first time and then they call us crazy …)

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