How to write about games and girls

The following article presents a 10 step guide for a man who wants to tackle the tricky subject of his favorite hobby and why there are so few girls playing: | Richard’s Online Journal | Writing  “Girls In Games” Article

At some point in your writing career, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll think it’s a good idea to write one of these articles. If you’re a guy, that is. By and large, female writers have better things to do with their time than obsess over their gender while playing a game, and tend to be into gaming because they like – how can I put this? Oh, yes, playing games, rather than out of a burning need to practice amateur sociology.But never mind that. Here’s your ten-step path to success.

As so often happens: it makes me laugh but it’s still a quite serious topic, that is if you want to write such an article. I play games because I like them. I’ve played all kinds of games and I just can’t explain why I like some and why I don’t like others … I’ve played some “girl games” and I have seen guys play them and I’ve played “guy games” and enjoyed them. Usually I simply play “my games” …

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories