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I have a question …. maybe one of my readers might be able to answer.

For our wow guild we have quite a few web applications running and now I need some kind of “portal” page to get all the news stuff in one place so people will not have to check 5 pages for new items. These are not geeks using rss feeds, they are simple users who want to have a single place to see if there is anything to see.

I need to integrate

  • blog (posts + comments -> rss feed)
  • forum (new posts and maybe polls)
  • wiki (latest changes)
  • teamspeak server gizmo (possibly via iframe as it is done now)
  • maybe (latest links)
  • gallery oder flickr feed possibly some new software

I have no idea where to start looking. I am considering writing something myself. I don’t really need some big portal software. I guess I would be most happy to find a php module that parses/displays contents of rss feeds since most of my web applications support one or more such feeds. BUt my first few searches on google left me with empty hands.

Any ideas?

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories


  1. Working on it.
    I found a tool that parses rss feeds and outputs stuff according to simple templates.


    Results so far:

    Not pretty yet, missing images and improved colors.

    What I need to program is forum access: I need to be able to list forum posts according to login status, so I guess I must duplicate the php session of the forum to get that. Not all our forums are public but the interesting stuff is usually found in the hidden forums.

    Well anyway I guess we should be moving to simpler forum software than phpbb which is really ugly to tweak. But I don’t really know anything else. Blog and wiki are easy to integrate. The Forum is our main communication platform so far and the other parts will only be accepted if I manage to integrate them with the forum.

    Well I am thinking about it.

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