always causes more violence. Don’t pick fights just because someone else might start the fight first! Even if they are the declared enemy.

If you are going out with friends and there’s someone whose face you don’t like, do you pick a fight without checking with your friends if they want to help you out with the consequences of that ugly face calling his friends to help? Sure ugly-face might have come over and started a fight anyway after all he’s an orc, troll, tauren or undead … but he might just not.

If you pick a fight, it is a sure thing that there will be one and the quiet evening with a beer or a glass of wine is gone … so do you ask your friends if they are willing to go for the sure loss of quiet evening or if they are willing to try and let the undead ugly-face live?

So imagine you decided you really didn’t like ugly-face’s face and picked that fight, you trash him and bash him and he looks even uglier afterwards lying in the dirt. Oh and you didn’t ask your friends just because … just minutes later ugly-face is back with a bunch of his friends trying to trash you and your friends back. Your friends are quite pissed off at that wonderful turn of events because hey they are quite peaceful people and maybe a bit sensitive … so do you think it is a good idea to just leave and let your friends deal with ugly face and his friends?

Well I think it is a really really bad idea because your friends might just decide that you have an ugly face.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories


  1. Ist this about WoW or abour Real Life ™??? Can you drink wine in WoW? Do you fight in RL? I’m confused…

  2. Well it is WoW … paraphrased.

    In-game group etiquette and social interaction with the other faction with which you cannot communicate being the actual topic here.

    I can clarify I guess.

    We were farming faction points in a high-level area with a group of 4 people, three of which were on a teamspeak server, one wasn’t.

    First what’s farming and what are faction points?

    There are quite a few – more or less boring – activities that classify as farming in WoW. Farming is usually a repetitive task with the objective to repeatedly obtain objects or rewards of the same nature. These maybe herbs or other crafting goods or “faction points” (an abstract value for many of the neutral factions of the game that give you nice stuff if you have earned in enough faction or ‘reputation’ as it is called). If you farm for experience it is called “grinding”. Other activities in the game are questing or going to an instance or pvp-ing or trading (auctionhouses). Farming is something most people do …. it is also a very time consuming activity.

    On another sidenote: The basic premise of the game is to offer players rewards that take as long as possible to complete as to keep them in the game for a longer time … so Blizzard has to walk the fine line between frustrating players and keeping them busy and that is what they are really good at (also see Diablo *g*) and what makes these games so addictive.

    Back to topic. Farming faction points for the neutral faction of the “Timbermaw Hold” to get a alchemy recipe to transmute essences of the Earth to Water. Well that’s my goal, others may have different ones.

    So we’re there farming – kiilling mobs (movable objects aka monsters) – and doing pretty good. We found ourselves a good spawn point for the mobs we needed for the faction points and then …. a player of the Horde – the enemy faction – starts farming on “our” spawn point.

    Since we were the majority we could have easily killed him, but the 3 teamspeak users agreed that there were enough mobs for everyone and one could have easily moved to a different spawn point if there was trouble. So both factions Horde and Alliance farmed peacefully side by side.

    I – and many others – usually don’t start pvp (player vs player) fights when farming, because I know that PvP quickly escalates into full-scale war as both sides keep calling more people for help because that is the safest way to get back at the others. Once the “war is on” you just cannot play anymore and we once had to cancel an event because we had gotten involved in a war as one of ours was “camped” (repeatedly killed) by some Horde players and we decided to help and were then in turn camped by the arriving Horde players … of course pvp is part of the game and you are free to do as you please and attack whomever you think should be fought, but more often than not a single attack can have consequences that may keep you from doing other stuff for an hour or longer …. it’s the “how much time am I willing to spend” thing again … therefore: usually I don’t start fights.

    Back to our farming grounds. Everything went quite peacefully for a while, of course with both factions competing for the mobs …. until the inevitable happend: the Horde mage tagged (marked as his!) a rare mob that is worth more faction points than the others and of course much stronger.

    Our hunter, the one who was not on the teamspeak server with the rest of us, got mad at the Horde mage and decided to shoot him then and there while he was fighting that monster. Of course it was a sure kill and pretty easy, nothing to brag about killing somebody already in a fight.

    My problem with that kill?

    It was not a fair fight.

    The hunter did not ask as first if we were willing to escalate the situation.

    When help for the mage arrived and we were camped by the Horde the hunter just left us there dying!

    At the moment the hunter shot the mage our evening of play was ended and we could forget our original goal of farming faction points. The hunter therefore forced his decision and playstyle on us ….

    One could claim that pvp is more fun than farming anyway … sure if you plan for it and are not being camped by a group larger than you are and have the time … pvp very easily turns into griefing (a playstyle dedicated to keep others from reaching their in-game goals). Last thing: I am playing on a PvP Server where this is possible, there are other servers where “open-pvp” (outside of dedicated battlegrounds) is only allowed if both parties flag themselves as “willing to pvp”, but I followed others to this server, because I like these people not because I enjoy pvp!

    Anyway I was really mad that evening and so were the other two people forced to “quit” the game after that stupid kill.

    Anyway the hunter has not quite apologized or admitted his fault but he came close to it …. I guess it won’t happen again.

  3. Well yes I guess to someone not playing it all seems weird especially the farming thing. Try it sometime just to see what it is like because it’s just to difficult to describe. And stuff like the above is even weird to people who play I think *g*

  4. I think I would get pissed off soon by this farming thing, I’ve listened a lot to gamers talking about such things. I better feel at home in classical RPG (P&P and LARP). BTW, what about LARP cons this year? 🙂

  5. Well farming can be boring and it can be interesting it really depends how you do it. But mostly it’s boring admittedly.

    I guess it’s no larps for me again … I have planned so many vacations already it will not be possible for me. Maybe in early fall sometime. But then I don’t have any good LARP equipment.

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