Shiny olives!

It’s springtime and the weather is starting to be nice and sunny – well it’s april it is sometimes nice and sunny.

We had a nice lunch on the balcony, I went skating for the first time this year yesterday and today we had this year’s first BBQ – well indoor-BBQ because it was raining and already dark outside.

Anyway I created a new kind of thingy to grill: Italian sausage on a rosemary twig. The recipe is from the book I bought for my sister “Cooking without recipes” … well not the recipe but the idea for the mixture of ground meat, pancetta, fennel seed and garlic. It was a little bit to dry -> contained to little fat, so I guess I’ll have to try again to get better results with more fat and a bit of egg maybe. Next time I’ll also remember to take a picture before we eat it. Afterwards all that is left is a bit of rosemary that looks quite butchered.
Spring flowersWe have also started on the spring cleaning of the balcony and I hope to make it to the garden store to get some plants for a green oasis on the balcony for the summer. There must be some kind of robust plants like the one I left outside all winter who is now sprouting fresh green leaves … it was freezing outside all winter and I never ever watered the plant. That is the kind of plant I need more of: plants who defy all my attempts to kill them by ignorance.

No actually I want to get a nice green balcony and I am even willing to put some work into it. I just need to finish the cleaning up part which I really hate.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories