Same old story

The other day we were watching yet another episode of Babylon 5.

Sheridan says to Delen: “Well we won, now we have time. Today we are happy.” Minutes later trouble arrives and he notices there’s just never any quiet time.

If you think it’s only that way in stories, you are wrong.

Whenever there’s a bug fixed on my projects, another one crops up. If a project is doing fine, something else is messing up my schedule …. if nothing else can go wrong the boss is in a bad mood …. there’s always something.

The WoW guild, you think you solved all the trouble by solving a problem and everything seems nice and quiet for a change and Sheridan and Delen might finally find some time to play …. well something happens, someone needs help, someone causes trouble, someone, something always needs worrying about.

I really feel like some person in a movie or TV series sometimes. Every day a new episode. I wish there was more time for Character-building episodes here.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories