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The biggest tool you have is participation. People will support a workplace they help to make.

Someone there put into words what I’ve been struggling to grasp. Of course it is true for the workplace but even more so for something like a WoW guild. I’ve been trying to tell my officers that it is key to involve people in the creation of our guild culture to get them to work for the guild to make it their guild instead of ours. I’ve just not gotten it into the officers yet.

Letting others participate also is a kind of democracy, because if they participate in the defining process of the guild or company many more people influence the way the company or guild works.

Often managers or guild leaders are very much afraid what “their people” will make of “their company” and they are scared they will not like the result. On the other hand there are many complaints “they always expect us to do everything” and “we cannot motivate them to act ….”, “they don’t do anything without us!” and so on. I am quite tired of it and in the last one or two weeks I have started threads on the guild’s officer forum about more participation and about getting feedback from our members to find out in what ways we can involve them … alas the participation of my officers in that endeavour plain and simple sucks.

So how do I motivate my co-leaders to do this with me?

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories