Ein modernes Deutschland?

Heute Morgen überfällt mich schon wieder die Vielzahl der Artikel, die sich mit unserem Staat befassen und dem maroden Zustand der Sozialsysteme. Modern sind diese Systeme sicherlich nicht. Bewegen tut sich aber irgendwie auch nichts, schöne Entwürfe gibts immer wieder und Leute, die einfach davonlaufen wollen zu hauf, der Rest lebt irgendwie so vor sich hin, wer will sich schon Stress machen um etwas zu bewegen.
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10 years

… ago I graduated and last Saturday was our 10-years reunion. There were quite a few people there but also quite a few missing. It was a very interesting party and interesting talks to the people I haven’t seen in such a long time. I don’t really have contact to anyone from school.

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Integration von Muslimen: USA rüffeln Europa – Politik – SPIEGEL ONLINE – Nachrichten

Die US-Regierung wirft Europa schwere Mängel in der Integrationspolitik vor. Die meisten europäischen Länder würden muslimische Einwanderer als Ausländer behandeln und so den Nährboden für Extremismus schaffen.

Compare with zephoria’s articles on new US legislation here and here

Then read this nice treatise on why hypocrisy isn’t so bad after all to calm down again. (the last article is something rather non-policital and quite geeky …)

I don’t say we do everything right, I just wanted to point out that people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. After all the US seem to be saying that our politics on integration are a national security risk for them, so what about their wars? Aren’t those a risk for many more people including the US?

Learning: Process

You might remember how I kept writing how terrible my projects were last year and probably the two years before. I’ve even been in therapy for over half a year, I was thinking about quitting my job and things were pretty bad. I am sure it is not only me suffering from the same symptoms I have heard of others with the same problems, it is pretty common and very sad to see.

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There’s something I am not telling …. but next Monday we’ll probably know more about it …

It’s a good thing! It’s a neat thing and it wasn’t my idea and I am not telling. Maybe Monday I can tell.

Couldn’t resist 🙂


Shiny olives!

It’s springtime and the weather is starting to be nice and sunny – well it’s april it is sometimes nice and sunny.

We had a nice lunch on the balcony, I went skating for the first time this year yesterday and today we had this year’s first BBQ – well indoor-BBQ because it was raining and already dark outside.

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