Good intentions

This photo shows how to make the best of good intentions. The good intention was to eat a healthy dinner consisting of fruit. I had asked Rolland to shop strawberries, a melon and a pineapple.On my way home I found the perspective of a fruit-dinner not quite as appealing as it had bin in the morning and I bought some ham to have with the melon and some ice cream for the straw berries. Complete with a bottle of nice red wine and a few episodes of Babylon 5 you couldn’t do better for a spring feast.

By the way I hate it when an episode ends with something like the death of an important character and you are sooo sure he must live and then you continue to watch another episode and he doesn’t turn up until the last few minutes and you still don’t know wether he lives to see another season.

Anyway so far I have enjoyed the first three seasons quite a bit. I love the story arc and I have found myself a good page to accompany this:

By Yashima

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