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Is “Seed” the next generation of MMORPGs? It seems to have quite a few features I really miss in WoW: Seed the game – Features

Believable NPCs:
The advanced AI gives each NPC its own personality, motivations and goals.

Evolving game world:
Democratic votes and player actions decide in which direction the game evolves

There seems to be the possibility of one player giving quests to others … I think I must try this game despite the space setting ….

Found via the Escapist, here is what they write about Seed in their article about “Griefing”

It’s exciting to see a game give players so much control over their environment, but the real excitement in Seed will come when players begin to build on top of the software’s gameplay mechanics, as they inevitably will. The Administrators who control The Tower’s equipment can make their choices based on any criteria, after all. A creative group of Administrators could potentially use their power to control the Da Vinci society itself at a level beyond gameplay. Administrators will inevitably be lobbied to devote resources to terraforming, to genetic experimentation on seedlings, or on other pursuits.

But imagine a group of Administrators who made their choices based not on which technology they preferred, but on social criteria instead, granting access only to those players who followed an emergent set of rules put in place by the Administrators themselves. Administrators might grant access only to players who did not use profanity, to players who logged on every day, to players who paid a certain amount in “taxes” to the Administrators or to some other arbitrarily selected group.

I find this sounds very very interesting ….

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories


  1. Actually, I think a MMORPG that requires you to be online all the time is flawed. You cannot compete with some work-less people or Chinese extreme players that are online 24/7 if you don’t want to lose your job and/or social life.

    I rather recommend Urban Death ( because it limits your actions to 50 action points/day which results in about 10 minutes of play per day and character. However, still there is a very active community so it doesn’t get boring at all. And it is free ;).

  2. Time investment is relevant in nearly all games that have a persistant world … and I bet that even Urban Death can be seen as giving people with more time on their hands an advantage. Mind I do not know that game, but if there is any social interaction beyond the 50 action points and you said there is because otherwise it would be boring – people who have more time to interact with others might have more knowledge or be able to work together with others as opposed to people who simply do their 50 actions per day.

    Nevertheless it sounds interesting and I’ll have a look at it. (THink I heard about it before).

    What sounds good about seed are some of the player dynamics and the promise of a changing world …. if you have played other MMORPGs – especially WoW – you know the opposite – static worlds – well enough to be curious about that part. Also the description of dynamic stories and the option that you as a player can create stories for others … of course we pre-defined mechanisms but well cannot have everything at once.

    I want the game the two guys are playing in the Tad Williams novels of Otherland.

    As for “world persistance” I have read a discussion on TerraNova about games that reset their world at regular intervals so everyone has to start from scratch every few months or so-> that is also pretty interesting and might lead to very different social dynamics in such games.

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