10 years

… ago I graduated and last Saturday was our 10-years reunion. There were quite a few people there but also quite a few missing. It was a very interesting party and interesting talks to the people I haven’t seen in such a long time. I don’t really have contact to anyone from school.

It’s hard to explain how quickly the familiarity returned, how fun it was to watch people and see some of the same behaviour as 10 years ago – most people really didn’t change so much.

Most memorable were two talks. I talked quite a bit to one of my classmates who is about to go to Egypt to open up a franchise of her father’s company there. It sounds quite risky but also like a big chance she is seizing. She was very enthusiastic about it and I quite enjoyed her enthusiasm and wish her luck in her endeavour and that it will all work out. The other was a guy who is a teacher. When he talked about teaching his 7th graders, he also sounded like he really loved the work. I never thought he would be a teacher, but it now seems like a perfect fit. I am glad to see that and it makes me smile.

What made me laugh was his story how he often has to keep from laughing when he sees the students do stuff that he as a teacher should not think funny and discipline. But he says he was not so different when he was their age and it amuses him quite a bit to see that.

We also talked a bit of old times and old teachers and it turns out that the one teacher we had for German in 10th grade left a big impression on all of us. Everyone remembers her and says she made a difference. For me she made all the difference and I see so many things different about German classes and school in general just because of one year of her teaching. She was not a young teacher and rather strict but I believe she loved the work and the subject and she really wanted to teach us that.

I have my school days in good remembrance – well mostly. School wasn’t too hard for me, I learned a lot, I enjoyed most subjects and despite some bad things that happened, I had a lot of fun especially in the last two years before graduation.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories