Guild Portal

I have a question …. maybe one of my readers might be able to answer. For our wow guild we have quite a few web applications running and now I need some kind of “portal” page to get all the news stuff in one place so people will not have to check 5 pages for… Continue reading Guild Portal

Same old story

The other day we were watching yet another episode of Babylon 5. Sheridan says to Delen: “Well we won, now we have time. Today we are happy.” Minutes later trouble arrives and he notices there’s just never any quiet time. If you think it’s only that way in stories, you are wrong. Whenever there’s a… Continue reading Same old story

Oblivion Helper

Oblivion HelperOriginally uploaded by yashima. See my shiny new gizmo. Well of course the rest is still not here and so I can only look at the box and wonder how good Oblivion will look once I have the complete computer.

Not evil?

You Are 20% Evil You are good. So good, that you make evil people squirm.Just remember, you may need to turn to the dark side to get what you want! How Evil Are You? So the test said I am not evil *g* I tried to answer as best as I could and answer truthfully… Continue reading Not evil?


CocktailsOriginally uploaded by yashima. The bill we racked up after dinner seems quite impressive unless you know we were 11 people. The weekend was a lot of fun and we got to meet some old new people we had only known via teamspeak so far. Phantasialand was also a good idea. I haven’t been to… Continue reading Cocktails

From game to ‘real life’

Well we’re off to Köln for the week-end for our “real life” guild meeting. I’ll be seeing some of my guild members for the first time. Tomorrow we will visit Phantasialand so wish us luck with the weather. I’ll post some more about this when we are back.

Good intentions

This photo shows how to make the best of good intentions. The good intention was to eat a healthy dinner consisting of fruit. I had asked Rolland to shop strawberries, a melon and a pineapple.On my way home I found the perspective of a fruit-dinner not quite as appealing as it had bin in the… Continue reading Good intentions

What time

Cool Tool: World Time Clock Wonder if you got this: It’s the World Time Clock from designer Charlotte Van Der Waals. Think it’s an incredibly clever piece. I appreciate a lot the ability of seeing “upside down” things and problems 🙂 Click link, see picture. This is a very interesting perspective and a little bit… Continue reading What time


Management Skills Blog » Teamwork Posters on the Wall The biggest tool you have is participation. People will support a workplace they help to make. Someone there put into words what I’ve been struggling to grasp. Of course it is true for the workplace but even more so for something like a WoW guild. I’ve… Continue reading participatory