Stress Food

Whenever I get stressed out by work or other stuff (WoW anyone?) …. something really stupid happens: I get to lazy to eat “good food”.

Usually I manage to cook every day and eat at least a bit more healthy then the average person – or so I believe.
I prefer salads and raw veggies to cooked veggies or fruit. I enjoy eating meats too. But that’s not the problem, because homecooked food is a good thing in my opinion.

Only when stress takes over I don’t enjoy cooking, I get home tired and throw myself on the couch with the remote control – currently watching Babylon 5 second season – turn off all parts of my brain except the one which feeds on the TV. My appetite then turns to junk food. Not only do I eat chocolate at work if stuff doesn’t work out like it should … but I start craving for all kinds of unhealthy stuff.

Of course if I am being served a salad I’ll still eat it, but I wouldn’t make it myself. Since I am usually not served salad – as we are mostly both stressed out and lazy – it comes down to quick-pasta, a soup or omelettes if it’s bad. If it’s really bad we’re going out for dinner or eat true junk food: pizza from the freezer and loads of sweets and crisps and …. I hate it, I eat it, I don’t even manage not to buy it. If I go to a grocery store without a fixed plan for a dinner in my mind and a certain stress level all I can buy is junk food.

So do everyone’s eating habits suffer under stress? Are there any tricks to fix that? Because bad eating causes more stress usually because better eating makes me feel better and reduces stress …

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories


  1. Tricks to fix that, yes: create a ceremony for eating junk food, like this: Don’t just buy and eat a bar of chocolate, explicitly choose some dark chocolate and prepare a pot of peppermint tea (“after eight”). Don’t eat any chocolate before the tea is cold enough to drink (thats important – otherwise the chocolate is gone before you had any tea). Then put a piece of chocolate in your mouth and drink some tea and enjoy the chocolate melting in the hot fluid…. yummy.

    Why it works: the ceremony makes the junk food feel less “junky”. And thus makes you feel less bad (=better) about eating it. I actually enjoy the ceremony, including the preparation of the food – which may in turn encourage you to take time to do some fine cooking at home (the last part almost never works for me, though).

  2. I think I actually do that sometimes … not always and rarely with chocolate. But when I bring some breakfast to work I usually force myself to cook some tea to have with the food so I don’t gobble it too fast while staring at the morning’s bug reports.

    Thinking about it I have a couple tricks myself:

    Share. If you buy junk food at least share it. I don’t always because of course the trick works half way because you only eat half the junk food. Good for yourself bad for others …

    Create. It is a kind of ceremony I guess. So what do I do? Instead of buying chocolate or other junky food at the store I buy the ingredients for some nice coconut-cocoa muffins. Lately I have been too lazy to actually do that most of the time. Being a hobby cook can also lead to being able to create your own junk food from just about anything you might have in your kitchen … I have had that happen as well =)

  3. I’m to lazy to make salad just for my self. But you can buy ready salads and reaady sauce at many supermarkets (e.g. Tengelmann). That’s handy when your lazy but you whant salad. Junk salad! 🙂

  4. Well that’s a revolutionary concept …. turning otherwise “un-junky” foods into junkfood *G* Lol.

    Well it’s not the saladmaking keeping me from eating salad I think, or is it?

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